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Summer Reading


It’s hard to believe there are only five days of school left before the break! As you make plans for your family this summer, keep in mind these activities and resources so that you can easily fit reading  into your break!

For the screen…
  • Story Online-Celebrities read aloud popular children’s books. Fun for the whole family to watch, or just the kids.
  • Digital Story Time – Choose from a range of free or low cost books using itunes. Filter by age, interest, and reading abilities.
  • Reading Mama’s word study app series– Interactive, targeted games for practicing blending and spelling words-follow her guidelines for levels to choose a “good fit” app.
  • Words with friends, Scrabble, and Crossword Apps are great for older kids and parents alike to build vocabulary and problem-solving skills.
For the roadtrip, beach, backyard, park…
  • My favourite car games as a kiddo were “First Letter, Last Letter” or the “Alphabet Game”; play with themes to make it more difficult; each person says a word as you rotate through the car.
    • I.e. Animals Theme for Alphabet Game: “Aardvark, Bat, Camel, Dragon…”
    • I.e. Boy Names Theme for First Letter, Last Letter: “Sam, Matt, Trevor, Ryan…”
  • Audiobooks are great for car rides! Check out this list of story favourites here: (my personal favourites are Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Phillip Pullman’s Northern Light series-for ages 8+)
  • Read a book, then watch the movie version to compare
  • Play simple oral language games such as “I Spy” or “I’m going on a bear hunt”
  • Check out these fun, outside games for sight word practice! Target practice and water balloons look particularly fun to me 🙂
For just the kids….

Airdrie Public Library has an excellent summer reading program, with something for every family’s level of commitment and budget. Themes include “Mad Science”, “Beyond the Stars”, and “Around the World”, with Fun Fridays that are open to all. Check out their website for more details:

If you have more specific questions about your child’s summer reading, please e-mail me prior to June 27th and I will gladly give you some ideas.

Happy reading,

Miss I.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”


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