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Alphabet Sound Learning Apps


If you’re looking for a for a few quality apps to help your kiddos with learning their sounds, look no further! Here are two apps that I can’t recommend enough!

1) My favourite blog writer This Reading Mama has developed a low-cost app that helps kiddos develop their awareness of letter sounds. This app has four levels of varying difficulty; so you’re guaranteed to find the “sweet spot” level to help your child. Available for purchase ($2.99) on Android and Apple devices.

2) Another great option is the award-winning Teacher Your Monster to read. Our school’s Learning Support team has been using this app during Daily Five time, with great success. It’s fun, it’s easy to find a good fit for your kiddos, and it’s providing noticeable improvement in student ability to retain and apply their letter sounds. The best part: until Sunday, March 26th you can get the app for FREE! The computer version is always free, but download the app so you can take it on the road.

While I know technology will never replace reading real books, it sure as heck can be fun and extremely useful. Download these apps and incorporate them into your home reading routines. See incredible results. Conquer the world.

Miss I.



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