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Alphabet Sound Learning Apps

If you’re looking for a for a few quality apps to help your kiddos with learning their sounds, look no further! Here are two apps that I can’t recommend enough! 1) My favourite blog writer This Reading Mama has developed a low-cost app that helps kiddos develop their awareness of letter sounds. This app has… Continue reading Alphabet Sound Learning Apps

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Eagle Eye: Using Picture Clues to Solve Words

Some of the most common questions I receive about emerging readers are focused on the pictures in children’s early reader books. “Is my child really reading if he looks at the pictures?” “Should I cover up the pictures in my child’s books?” “Won’t the pictures just confuse my child?” These are great questions, and show… Continue reading Eagle Eye: Using Picture Clues to Solve Words

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Back-to-School with Letters

It’s almost the end of September already! The leaves are changing colour, the indoor shoes are slightly worn in, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. What better way to celebrate the back-to-school season than with a few answers to frequently asked questions about letter practice at home. *Note: there are many schools of thoughts on how to… Continue reading Back-to-School with Letters

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Summer Reading

It’s hard to believe there are only five days of school left before the break! As you make plans for your family this summer, keep in mind these activities and resources so that you can easily fit reading  into your break! For the screen… Story Online-Celebrities read aloud popular children’s books. Fun for the whole… Continue reading Summer Reading