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Reading Fluency

Hello again, As I’m re-reading one of my favourite holiday books (The Golden Compass), I thought I should post about reading fluency and how younger readers need lots of practice in developing this skill. We all want to develop reading fluency in our learners, right? After all, fluency has a direct correlation with reading comprehension. Learners who struggle… Continue reading Reading Fluency

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Eagle Eye: Using Picture Clues to Solve Words

Some of the most common questions I receive about emerging readers are focused on the pictures in children’s early reader books. “Is my child really reading if he looks at the pictures?” “Should I cover up the pictures in my child’s books?” “Won’t the pictures just confuse my child?” These are great questions, and show… Continue reading Eagle Eye: Using Picture Clues to Solve Words

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Talking, Listening and Vocabulary Building

For my first post (so exciting!) I would like to take a look at the importance of oral language (talking and listening) and building your child’s vocabulary. Research has shown that oral language and vocabulary development are key components to being a successful reader. They support thinking, understanding, making connections, communicating, and solving problems. In fact, the… Continue reading Talking, Listening and Vocabulary Building